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LA based post-rock fusion band.

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Band | Hard Rock, Post-Rock, R&B/Soul


“If you want to be the best in a genre, that’s one thing; if you want to change music, that’s another.” 

That was the mantra of Rhien Gundlach, a supportive friend, a trusted mentor, and our band’s namesake. And after his unexpected death, it became the driving force behind the creation and signature sound of Oh, Rhien.

Oh, Rhien is a six-piece, post-rock powerhouse based in Lake Charles, La. The band was founded by Joe Perry (drummer) and Brett Howell (vocalist), who guided its evolution from former band Signals to Vega, and has grown to include E.J. Cutright (guitarist), Ryan Tyler (guitarist), Billy Dugger IV (bassist), and Dani LaCour (vocalist).

Oh, Rhien’s singles “Shut Up Before You Get Made Out With” and “You Wear Your Colors Well” have been played on radio stations nationwide, and the band has packed venues across the South where they’ve shared a stage with headliners P.O.D., Trapt, Brand New, and Nothing More. They have also performed with headliners Kanye West and Mac Miller at the X Games in Austin, Texas.

After years of experimentation and perseverance, the band’s sophomore album “Patterns” will be released on February 14, 2021. The album, which includes recently released single “Desolate White Island,” will take listeners on an eight-part journey that will leave their hearts racing, their heads banging, and their voices raised. 

Through “Patterns” and beyond, Oh, Rhien looks to make their mark with a unique fusion of genres and sounds.


Album Name Album Description Link Date
Nightmares EP Bandcamp Access 09/19/2014
Patterns Debut LP Bandcamp Access 02/14/2021
Shut Up Before You Get Made Out With Single Bandcamp Access 09/11/2013
When I Was An Arsonist Single Youtube Link for Audio 09/11/2013


Desolate White Island

Shut Up Before You Get Made Out With

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Desolate White Island

Single from "Patterns"

The Narcissist


You're So Vain

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